Saturday, September 17, 2011

Recalling the effects of Hurricaine Irene

Many have mentioned that Irene will just bring lots of rain, that it was really not much of a storm.
Looking back at this storm you have to take into account not the strength of its winds but the overall size and impact this storm had on this entire area.  Every river, creek and pond was over its banks, and on top of everything else, we were hit hard right in time for high tide.

This first pics is is of Quig's Pizzeria -Grille in Hatbro PA.  This establishment is located close by the Pennypack Creek which had to be at least 8 feet over its banks.  Mud was everywhere and you can see the force of the running water had on the tables and chairs inside. You can see the sand bags and plastic that was used to try to keep the raging waters out.

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