Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Gravity of Writing

Back in November I wrote a story that was called "Cloud Streets".

  After posting a link to this story in various social network pages I was told by a Meteorology Instructor that the phenomenon that was captured in these pictures were not Horizontal Convective Rolls (Cloud Streets)  but where in fact (Atmospheric) Gravity Waves.  At first I was a bit disappointed, however I have used this opportunity to learn from this experience.  The instructor that found my error, works for a terrific online Meteorology institution called COMET and he patiently answered my questions regarding Gravity Waves.  I thanked the Instructor for pointing out my error and I wanted to post an update to the original story.

 Not only did I learn from this social/ educational networking experience, I found that the original story was not really the hook that brought in readers.  It was really the pictures themselves that brought in most of the attention.  I am a member of a local photography group and as I mentioned originally my buddy Mike helped by taking several pictures that were used for that story.  That trip was when our photography group hiked in a local park in Southeastern PA and because of a strong weather pattern we were able to get an unusual display of clouds in the sky.  At first there were the undulating clouds but as the sun started to set the horizon had a red and amber fiery hue through these complex structured clouds.

Months later we are now in April and in the middle of spring and once again we find these unusual looking clouds.  My girlfriend calls me the other day and while she is driving back to PA she is not able to take video but she sees these clouds.

Photo by Kari P.
 So of course I get this great tip and I run to get some pictures myself and here they are.

Gravity Waves from Horsham, PA

Atmospheric Gravity Waves

 I found out NASA has been studying Gravity Waves and determined that gravity waves  can compress a rotating thunderstorm and cause it to spin faster.  This effect can create tornadoes.  If you wish to read on about this, please click here :

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