Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter 2014 - Sorry, It ain't over yet..

 Our last storm to hit SE PA cause thousands of residents to loose power for days and travel via every means was difficult. Just a few days later I hear online chatter about the next storm.  Mind you that I hate to jump on first bit of hype so I wait and try to read as much as I can before considering the myriad of online forecasts  for fact.  Now we face a large storm and The National Weather Service has stated that this storm will develop as a "Nor'easter."  I am sure everyone has heard of this term and to help I have found a formal definition.

    A strong low pressure system that affects the Mid Atlantic and New England States. It can form over land or over the coastal waters. It usually produces heavy snows, flooding rains, strong northeast winds, coastal flooding, and beach erosion.  (source http://www.srh.noaa.gov/jetstream/append/glossary_n.htm NOAA/NWS)

If in fact this is a Nor'easter then reading the definition I have presented earlier should give everyone an idea of what our area could face, however it is important to add more to the story.

Salt We are going to need a bigger boat.  Sorry for the quote from the movie Jaws.  We may have a big problem coming up.  6ABC news reported today that Pendot should be OK for this storm however they would not be able to lend salt to local areas in in need.  They mentioned some townships that are out of salt to treat roads.  I looked on the PENDOT website and there was no mention of this.

Here is the video from 6ABC that was from the PENDOT interview:


Remember that this storm will bring heavy snow and a possible mix of freezing rain from Wednesday and all of Thursday into Friday. 
 (this is based on earlier forecast information and is subject to change)

Please be prepared before the storm starts!!  Please visit this web page to learn about being prepared:

Remember that I am not an expert, I am just a messenger.  To find out more from the experts visit weather.gov and here is the link to the currect briefing from The NWS:  http://www.erh.noaa.gov/phi/briefing/packages/current_briefing.pdf

Get Warning updates from the Ready.gov for your area

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