Sunday, April 22, 2012

Be a force of Nature!

Beginning today is the National Severe Weather Awareness week!
April 22-28 - 2012

NOAA and the National Weather service and other organizations have been working on the large scale plan for a "Weather Ready Nation"  You can ready my first report about that here;  WRN

Alerting friends and family about Severe Weather and other Events, both man made or natural is very important. Using communication such as a text message can save a life.

To read more about the National Severe Weather Preparedness week, please click this link;

Watch this video about alerting via Text Message

Severe Thunderstorms 4/21/2012

Storms - April 2012  The National Weather Service issued numerous warnings for Thunderstorms producing high winds, rain and lightning.  Winds of up to 60 MPH were predicted and after some research I found 911 calls and media reports of storm damage.

Time: 2012-04-21 9:05 PM EDT
Ambler PA (Outside of Philadelphia)
Source: broadcast media
Remark: about a dozen large trees up to 70 ft knocked down along a park entrance on the Ambler and Upper Dublin township border

   PHI: Willistown
Time: 2012-04-21 8:48 PM EDT
Source: 911 call center
Remark: property damage on Sugartown road. partial roof collapse of one bldg

Time: 2012-04-21 9:15 PM EDT
Source: 911 call center
Remark: trees down in Horsham township.

Here is photo I took tonight of what I think is cloud to cloud lightning