Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy reaches PA

Here is an update

Hurricane Sandy has arrived in PA, winds have picked up in Philly to around 47 MPH.
Reports of trees falling over onto a home in Hatfield and in Norristown PA,  that occurred earlier today and  Philadelphia Schools are closed again tomorrow.

At this point you should not go outside at all, road conditions will deteriorate through the evening and
I do not expect to have continous electrical power throught the afternoon to evening.
Sandy is expected to hit our area after 6-8 PM tonight and winds will get stronger, so
please keep listening to the news as the wind is not just the only dangerous factor of this storm.  If live near a creek or a low area, leaves are blocking storm drains and you may find yourself in a flash flood.

 This map shows the latest information of the storms track

Animated satellite image of Hurricane Sandy in the Atlantic. 

If you want information about the storm sent to you by text message, they visit this local website to subscribe;

If you want to get updates from the National Weather service and check Radar and forecast information, click here;

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