Thursday, September 22, 2011

Satellites, floods, what happened to TGIF?

So here we are waiting to see what happens tomorrow.  Normally, what should be a Friday could mean we go to work through driving rain and look at the news to see where the Nasa Satellite will crash down.

I just read that our area (eastern PA) should see less than 2 inches of rain tomorrow. Other areas such as Philadelphia, Pottstown, Allentown and in New Jersey should see a potential of more rain.
They are stating that for the most part we may see water in our basements again and low lying areas could be flooded due to the ground is still soggy from Tropical Storm Lee's rains.

The unofficial news of Nasa's UARS satellite, is that within a few hours of it tumbling throught the atmosphere there should be an annoucement as to where it's path could be.  Most scientists are saying that it will break up into parts and most of it should scatter in the ocean early Friday morning.

Hurricane Ophelia is not projected to hit the east coast at this time.

If you like to read (like I do) and have the time for it, here is a detailed report from Nasa about UARS

Nasa UARS PDF file

If conditions change tomorrow I will post from my (somewhat) smartphone for any needed updates.

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