Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rain is starting to move into our area, and agian for tomorrow rain will start around 11 am.

Nasa is stating that the satellite that is falling back to Earth, will be the largest of all time.
Currently weighing in at 6 tons, much of it should burn upon re-entry and end up weighing around 1200 lbs.
It is projected that it will break up in about two dozen fragments and that it may end up in the Pacific Ocean.

Outlook for tomorrow 
Slight chance of rain early then a 50% chance of rain at around 11 am.
Probability of rain continues throughout the day into the evening hours.

Storm Activity for the Atlantic;

The Low pressure disturbance created the now named "Tropical Storm Ophelia", new computer models are suggesting that this storm is veering  west then turns Northwest.  This means it could hit the East coast.

I will continue to study information from and the National Hurricane center for updates.

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