Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snowy Wasteland

Meteorologists work really hard.  They study to keep up to date using the latest developing technology to forecast the weather that affects everyone and everything from events, school, work and play.  Safety is the number one priority that pushes professional Meteorologist to work 24/7 in keeping the public safe.  In the last few days I have watch several sources track this latest storm in its formation and progress through parts of the US until it affect the Mid-Atlantic states.  Originally the forecasters with the aid of computer modes predicted a wintry mix of snow, ice and rain with possible snow accumulation of a trace to about and inch in part of SE PA.  When the storm arrived the forecasts quickly were updated to 1-3 inches of snow.  As the afternoon approached the forecast was again updated to 2-4 inches just north of Philadelphia and some areas south might end up receiving 8-10 inches before changing to freezing rain then to all rain Monday morning.

Courtesy of The National Weather Service Mt. Holly WFO

My drive -  I had to drive from Horsham to Allentown, PA.  The total time for the drive was approximately 4 hours round trip.  During my journey, I saw snow and ice throughout my drive and saw several accidents including two spin outs on roads which clearly needed more attention.  In fairness, the snowfall rate (probably about and inch an hour) made it difficult for Pendot to keep the roads salted and cleared.  For the most part they did a good job and I was able to drive without many issues (without having a 4X4)

Here is a short video of part my drive.  Temperature was around 27 degrees and you can see how the ice and snow started to affect the wipers.

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