Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tornado touchdown, Salinas - Kansas

The National Weather Service issued a report showing that there were 124 confirmed tornadoes that caused havoc on April 14th, 2012.   The image below was posted with the damage information from website.

 I participated with a storm chaser group online to help post storm alerts through the day from the NWS.

Tornado radar signature from 9:27 pm to 10:41 pm CDT Saturday April 14, 2012. Conventional radar reflectivity is at left, storm-relative Doppler velocity is at right. Tornadic circulation is denoted by yellow circle at it passed over west side of Woodward, Okla.
Images credits: Gibson Ridge/NWS-Wichita, Kan
The outbreak involved several states, in Woodward OK there were 
5 casualties, 29 injured and 89 homes destroyed.

If you remember who Tim Samaras is, he was featured in the TV show "Storm Chasers' on Discovery.  Below is a video I found that shows a lot of detail and an impressive close up shot of a tornado.

Please note, that this type of filming should only be done by the experts, who have spent years studying storms . 

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