Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tornado - Dexter, Michigan

A tornado touched down this afternoon right outside of Dexter, MI today.  An unconfirmed report stated that it was an EF3 and the NWS continued to report golf ball sized hail and severe thunderstorms and heavy rain for the area.  Thankfully they had storm sirens so an early warning helped ( Per CNN).  The Weather Channel reported that, so far there were no reported deaths or injuries.

I just spoke to a fellow photographer that lives an hour away from Dexter, and he said it missed his area..  He kindly shared a video he found online of the damaged area.. (Thanks John)

Here is another video, if you don't want to hear colorful language then turn down the volume first :)

I suggest everyone be weather aware, check your daily news for weather reports..

Better yet, buy a NOAA Weather Alert Radio..

 Be prepared for bad weather.

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