Saturday, January 21, 2012

Update to dual Weather Events

Hope everyone is having a safe and fun Saturday Morning..

I posted online to the National Weather Service and my data was then listed for Horsham PA snow total

Here are the total snowfall amounts that was reported to the National Weather Service today so far..

   ROYERSFORD             3.0   728 AM  1/21  TRAINED SPOTTER        
   AMBLER                       2.2   546 AM  1/21  TRAINED SPOTTER        
   WYNNEWOOD           2.2   815 AM  1/21  TRAINED SPOTTER        
   GRATERFORD             2.0   800 AM  1/21  CO-OP OBSERVER         
   HORSHAM                  2.0   730 AM  1/21  PUBLIC 

I have taken a few pictures and want to take more, if you can safely take a pic and send them to me via email, that would be great!

Please be careful out there, I saw a changover to all rain at 7:25 am then an hour later it changed back to snow, I see accidents on main roads around our area on the traffic cams.

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