Saturday, December 3, 2011

2011 Hurricane Season videos

The Hurricane  season ended very recently, we need to not forget it's impact and reading about weather history, I found that yes our area can be hit almost directly by a big storm.  This week I read about about authorities in NYC discussing the possibility to be hit by a large hurricane, this may occur every 100 years.  If this does happen, NYC will be flooded.

Please watch this time-lapse video of the 2011 Hurricane season .
This will let you see the storm activity of 19 storms which 3 became major Hurricanes.

Let us not forget what Hurricane Irene and Tropical storm Lee did to our area, hopefully we will be better prepared next year.

I found a lot of videos from PA regarding Hurricane Irene, some of these were in areas close to were my family used to live.

Here is one video from Cheltenham PA.

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