Sunday, September 2, 2012

Be Informed and to Be Prepared

        I started this blog after thinking for years about how an event can affect you and your family.
 You may ask what event are you referring to?  That is a good question and the answer is, a man made or natural disaster.
There are many ways to categorize a disaster, in most cases the disaster that would affect South Eastern PA, would not be a major event because we normaly do not see strong weather.  This is an important topic, if our climate is changing then how do we know that our weather could change enough for us to see stronger weather than before.  Remember the earthquake in Virginia?  When did you feel a tremor like that before?

The_Weather_Vane was inspired by my personal interests to learn how and why our weather and man made accidents affect us.   I thought for awhile about what should I do different on the first anniversary of the Blog.  I initially could not think of anything, however I did learn from doing research this year is that the same message is heard after each storm that we hear about in the news.   "We did not know it was going to be that bad", this is the quote I just heard that a woman mentioned in the news in Northern Louisisana.  The area she is in was more affected than it was during Isaac than it was with Hurricane Katrina.  This is exactly why we need to be informed and to be prepared. For a local comparison, we need to remember how we were affected by T.S Irene.

For our first anniversary I wanted to use new tools to inform our public to help to be prepared for storms in our area.   I only ask everyone to not only read the information but to help spread the word to family, friends and co workers so that we do not see people perish like what happened last year during Tropical Storm Irene in PA.

I have joined a group with FEMA to collect more information about being prepared and I will make sure that on a regular basis this information is shared with my readers.  This information will be posted on several social Media sites, like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.  If you are not part of these social media sources then look for the box in the upper right side of the blog to subscribe to regular emails. "I will not spam you".

The_Weather_Vane and FEMA

Here is a brief view of some of the information that will be shared from FEMA and

Get a Family Emergency Plan form

Terrorist Hazards

• Ensure you and your family know your surroundings and risk for specific weather.
• Have an emergency plan, and know what to do before severe weather strikes. Post your
plan in your home where family and friends who visit can see it.
• Find out from local government emergency management how you will be notified for
each kind of disasters and sign up for additional alerts through social media and local
news. Understand these local warning systems and signals and share your knowledge
with your coworkers, friends. Email these resources to your friends, post to your social
media account.

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