Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tropical Thunderstorm hits Horsham PA

During what seemed to be a normal day, we initially saw sunny skies on a typical warm day in August.  Well we all know we are not in the tropics, but looking outside at around 2pm yesterday, we all would have thought that we were in the middle of a Hurricane.

I was already aware that thunderstorms were getting closer to Montgomery County but the storms were closing in on our area a bit faster than I had expected. I was shopping for my nephews birthday in a well know toy store on Welsh  Rd in Horsham.  I was in the middle of the store and I could here thunderclaps in the distance, a few children in the store could be heard reacting to the sound of the thunder.  I started to notice lightning flashes through the small skylights and by the time I had picked up a few gifts I walked to the front of the store where I was able to see out the front entrance area and saw a torrential downpour out in the parking lot.  It appeared that we were having storm force winds of at least 50 MPH and after waiting a bit and looking at the radar on my phone, I decided to run out of the store to get to my car where I ended up drenched from head to toe.  The rain was being blown around as in sideways.  This event occurred around 2 PM and after I drove  home I found evidence of wind damage across the street from the former Willow Grove Naval Air Station.

Thanks to all my followers and weather fans,  here are some pictures taken yesterday.

Here is a copy of my storm report documented by The National Weather Service office in Mt. Holly, NJ.

08/04/2012 0210 PM

Horsham, Montgomery County.

Thunderstorm wind damage, reported by trained spotter.

            Multiple large tree branches down along Maple Ave in
            Horsham. Also... fence blown over along Route 611. 

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