Thursday, June 14, 2012

Extreme Weather - Dallas TX Hail Storm

This is being reported as one of the worst Hail Storms seen in Dallas Texas which occurred today.
Automobile windows and skylights in buildings have sustained severe damage from hailstones measuring from golf ball to baseball size hail.

Just as a comparison, here is what the diameter of  hailstones could be in a storm;

Hail Stone Diameter (in Inches)

Pea size  1/4 "

Penny  3/4 "

Nickel   7/8"

Quarter     1"  (Considered Severe)

Half Dollar    1 1/4"

Walnut or Ping Pong ball   1 1/2"

Golf Ball      1  3/4"

Hen Egg or Lime  2"

Tennis Ball    2 1/2"

Baseball        2 3/4"

Large Apple  3"

Grapefruit     4"

Softball       4  1/2"

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  1. Wow, I did not know that Dallas incurred that kind of weather. I cant imagine hail the size of a softball! Hail storms can be very damaging and destructive. I have experienced a storm where my house and car ended up needing hail damage repair.


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