Thursday, May 10, 2012

Meteor Miners of 2012

 NASA Metor Miners now -  Miner 49ers of then...

Sutter's Mill 1848 a historic place and time, this is where everyone came to search for Gold also known as the Gold Rush.   Now fast forward 164 years later to the present and you will find out that on April 22nd a somewhat large meteor fell from the sky that scattered meteor fragments in a horse pasture owned by the de Haas family.  The land owner kindly allowed NASA scientists to collect and study the fragments of this rare meteorite, and scientists say that possible microbes in the fragments may help to understand how life began on Earth. Many samples have been collected and more may be found in the near future.  A fantastic discovery, we wait to see what is found and how this will impact our understanding of life on Earth.

Meteors are the New Gold Rush!

Click on the video below to see how the search was conducted.

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