Sunday, February 26, 2012

Space Weather – Solar Storms

The cold wave that hit Europe was caused by Solar Storm Radiation from space

I have had discussions with a friend of mine about space weather and how it may be affecting our weather here on Earth.  It seems hard to prove that space weather can affect us.   Today I found an article that can help explain these phenomena. 

A Meteorologist from the Belgrade School of Meteorology explained that a solar storm or solar flare may have caused the oppressive weather that has been experienced in much of Europe recently.  According to Milan Stevancevic, this solar energy is the cause of both life constructive and destructive effects on our planet.  Solar flares can also cause earthquakes, and tornadoes with overall, increased rain and winds.  The larger the solar eruption experienced, the more it will affect the winter and the following summer with a higher level of rain.  Stevancevic stated that each solar flare creates proton radiation, which triggers ionization on entering the atmosphere.  The solar storm from January 28th produced 15 minutes of radiation that was strong enough to equal 5 times of a routine x-ray, apparently clouds absorb this radiation.  The proton radiation triggers particles that increase precipitation and particles that help fertilize the ground.  So what about areas that have a thin or no ozone to protect them from this ionization?  It seems that the proton radiation passes through our atmosphere and this is something that has naturally occurred. 

Here is a current image of the suns solar activity;

 I want to thank the author and the source of this story, a great story for space weather fans. To read on, please click here;

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