Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Photos from Irene

I was looking through some pictures that I took this year, and I found a photo that made me recall of the day Hurricane Irene affected our area.  I remember standing in the mud with my tripod back on August 28th of this year.  I was holding my camera with my left hand and I started to walk out closer to the swollen creek where I was a little worried that it was going to rain again. As I walked closer to the water and with each step, I kept sinking into the mud.   Also as I waked closer to the water, I began to notice how high the creek was that day and the magnitude of the flooding that occurred earlier.   I read the weather report  and I knew it was going to rain again, and that the creek could quickly start to rise.  The water was flowing downstream at a fairly quick rate and as you can see the water was over it's normal level.  Because I was there after full brunt of the storm, the water was actually much higher before I arrived that day.  You can see from this pic how the brush was pushed flat and in the direction of the creek flow.

The second photo (below) shows a left angle view from the first photo.  I am sure that the creek water was twice as high as it normally would be.  The first pic shows a small tree right in the flow of the water, and since the water was rushing downstream quickly you can see it was generating waves.

After taking a few more pictures, the rain started again and I had to pack away my gear quickly.  In that last photo, more to the left and out of view, was a work crew cutting through large trees that had fallen and was blocking a public road.  I was able to drive out of that road, which was shut down, but being persistent I drove into the park area anyway.

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  1. I wanted to add that this was in Fairmount Park, Phila., PA.


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