Wednesday, November 30, 2011


There is a volunteer group of storm spotters, trained to document specific information that is vital for Meteorologists to study evolving weather events. These weather events may show signs that they could become a severe storm or maybe even a Tornado.  These storms need to be identified and documented by trained weather spotters, this way multiple sources of information are sent to the local NWS office.   These storm reports are called in to the National Weather service, where Meteorologists combines these reports with doppler radar data.

Skywarn started in the 70's as a national volunteer program, that has helped the NWS to provide more accurate and early storm warnings to the general public.

The author, (Me) has completed the basic course and will work to provide reports to the NWS office in Mt. Holly, New Jersey.  I will be documenting flooding, storms, storm damage and snowfall amounts.

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