Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Well I finally did it, after searching and putting it off for about 3 years, I finally got down to business and took the basic Skywarn class.  I have to say this was better than I thought it would be, the instructor is an actual Meteorologist from NOAA and works for the National Weather service.  The class was very good and I did learn about things that I did not find online.  They showed a few video clips, one about driving through flood waters that made a memorable point. We saw a car dragged away, and by some miracle the driver and passenger managed to get out in time.  A few other videos showed twisters causing actual damage.
Then at a break in the middle of class we had a visit by Channel 3's Meteorologist Kate Bilo. She spoke to us and I have to say, what a smart and attractive lady!  They then led us outside to see their Mobile Weather lab that is a modified Audi Q7.  It has an array of weather sensors to measure wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity etc.  It has a large flat screen TV display in the back and the vehicle transmits its reports live via satellite through several on board cameras.


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