Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Record Rain & NPP Update

Record for rainfall achieved at 1pm today for Philly area, it is the most it had rained since 1996.   New York also broke it's record today for yearly rainfall.  The National Weather service had issued a statement that more rain will fall into the night.

Latest update for Nasa's NPP satellite, first image from NPP's  ATMS Channel 18 data. (shown below)

 The image above shows low level water vapor, tropical storm Sean is visible in this image.

ATMS stands for "The advanced Technology Microwave Sounder, which is one of 5 high-tech climate measuring instruments on board the spacecraft.  Nasa has stated that the satellite is functioning perfectly, and will review data from the other 4 sources by mid December.   NOAA director Dr. Uccellini has stated that NPP will improve weather forecasts by 5 to 7 days in advance of what was normally calculated.

I want to thank NOAA and Nasa for providing information online, which is found at; 

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