Thursday, October 27, 2011

Snow & another Nor'easter?

We have not even reached the fall color peak yet and you can hear the buzz from all the radio and TV stations about freezing temps and even some snow.  A Nor'easter is on its way, which is a dual front event, that when it meets,  can produce a good bit of precipitation and this type of storm is known to linger for some time. 

The good news is that this event should not effect us for too long.  For those like myself that live in northeastern Montgomery county, we should not see much snow, and even if we did, the ground is warm enough it would not stick.  Now for folks living more to the north and west, especially way up in Allentown or Reading, they should see accumulation. 

Channel 6 news reported at 11pm, that an October snowstorm is extremely rare, well we know that, I don't remember seeing snow at this time of year.  Please revisit the post regarding tire selection,The_Weather_Vane: Do you need new tires?   
This is a warning sign that we should look to be prepared for what could come our way during the Winter months.

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