Thursday, October 13, 2011

NWS Modernization

 National Weather Service, has been going through significant upgrades at the cost of $4.5 billion dollars.
Thankfully this was a result of a study from the years 1989 to 2000, by the National Research Council.
As an example they had found that the highest recorded ocean temperature was in 1997, which was well above normal levels.

The renovation of weather forecast tools will greatly improve and provide early warning and information for weather research and education.

These are upgraded technologies;
  • The Automated Surface Observing System
  • Next Generation Radar (Dual Polarization)
  • New Weather Satellites
  • Powerful New Computers systems
  • The Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
This to me great news, we will be entering a new technological age, in modern 21st. Century Weather Science and Forecasting.
With the depletion of the Arctic Ice, holes in the ozone and with very high ocean temperature,s we know this has impacted weather events at a global level.

We need new tools to record and predict strong weather events.

I want to credit the National Academy of Science for providing this important story online
The detailed story is here.

as a final note a signature image of the day, vista from Pennypack Park area;

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