Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Erosion along the Pennnypack Creek

The Pennypack creek runs through Montgomery County from the Horsham area to Northeast Philly.
Pennypack Park is a well known section of  Fairmount Park.  Because of recent heavy rain, augmented by tropical storms Irene and Lee, the water level rose to such a degree that debris was left clinging from the trees.  I went on a hike through the park and I found how the force of the raging waters moved everything in its path.  Grass, trees, and fence posts, after seeing this you can get a clear idea of how powerful of a force we are dealing with in a flood.  Man with or without machine cannot match the force of nature, please see the pictures below as evidence of the force of moving water and erosion. I saw one large birch tree snapped at its roots, small trees were flattened to the ground  We estimated that the creek had to have risen to at least 6 to 12 feet above the path we were walking on that day.

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